Our Awesome Trip to Black & Decker and Dewalt

I came back just a few hours ago from Black & Decker University, a facility that's largely useful for the education of Dewalt employees and business partners. Together with top cordless drills 2014 com nearly 3 dozen other bloggers, writers, and magazine editors, I'd the opportunity to attend the unveiling of Dewalt痴 new 12V MAX lithium ion cordless power tool manufacturer product line.

lowes shutter blindsThe 12V MAX unveiling event was comprised of two parts, an informal evening session in the Baltimore Orioles party suite, along with a morning session at Black & Decker University.

I must say this early on to stress its importance. I truly enjoyed my own time on the event, and especially the countless conversations I'd with Dewalt痴 development team members. It was just a complete pleasure chatting with them all. best cordless upright vacuum Not only did this option and gals have detailed intimate understanding of the 12V MAX tools・designs featuring, they were very energetic and was genuinely proud of the new products.
First day ・Evening at Camden Yards

Needless to say the food in the ballpark was good, nevertheless the company was absolutely phenomenal. Besides the product development crew, there have been a large number of other hosts and attendees, like the incredible PR team that represents Dewalt and a VP Brand Manager.

There was clearly obviously an impressive turnout of bloggers snap on ct6850 and writers, and I were built with a nice time meeting and chatting with most of them. It absolutely was definitely a worthwhile experience to talk with other enthusiasts from both comparable and very different fields of expertise.
Dewalt 12V MAX Cordless Drill Driver Flashlight MGD Teaser

Dewalt 12V MAX Li-Ion Cordless Drill, Driver, & Flashlight with Miller wahl bellisima Genuine Draft for Scale

Although I definitely don稚 regret it, chatting mens clippers reviews with the great folks at Dewalt and checking out the new tools in the ballpark really wired me up. After i got back to the hotel, I found i wasn稚 tired in any way. Struggling to sleep, I tried to bleed off a few of my excitement having a brief preview/teaser post with the 12V MAX launch. I still were built with a bit of trouble falling asleep, but I suppose that could be considered a good thing.
Day 2 ・Official 12V Max Unveiling at BDU

It happened that some of the Dewalt team and PR reps saw my preview post. They especially liked makita cordless screwdriver the Miller Genuine Draft scale marker. When setting up the equipment for a quick pic, one of many Dewalt team leaders suggested I insert something for size comparison, therefore i used a beer can. What痴 more recognizable in proportions when compared to a 12 oz can?! I知 happy to have had the oppertunity give them an easy and quick smile!
Dewalt 12V MAX Cordless Tool Display

Dewalt 12V MAX Cordless Tool Display

After going for a few breakfast treats, we had been given a brief tour of the Black & Decker University facility. A lot of your building is devoted to training use, therefore in addition to many tool demo stations, there was real world mock-ups and sets.

Then we sat though a few presentations that discussed the brand new 12V MAX tools, their development, and lessons learned from field testing. Significant amounts of information regarding Dewalt, its ideals, and its particular mantra were shared directly as well as through their team members・actions, explanations, and overall attitude.
Toolguyd Trying out Dewalt 12V MAX Li-ion Cordless Drill Driver

Testing Out the brand new 3/8" Drill/Driver

The hands-on segment began next, and that we finally had a possiblity to test out the tools・performance. Prior to being let loose to experience the brand new tools, i was briefed on the tools・designs, features, and competitive advantages, and witnessed quick real-time comparative demos.

A lot of the seasoned professionals and long-time writers and editors in the room were obviously utilized to this kind of unveiling event, but some of us weren't. Still, you can almost see everyone痴 childlike glee since they picked up among the new power tools for the first time.

Within the pic above, I知 testing out the brand new 12V MAX 3/8″ drill/driver. Before you decide to ask, I am aware the safety specs are useless when they池e not on my eyes. I left my personal favorite Dewalt/Radians goggles in your own home, therefore my options were to wear safety glasses as opposed to my corrective ones, or make out the print. I believed that it would be best to see clearly.

Also see the tension during my hand and arm, I will be pushing the tool to its limits! Designed with a 1/2″ spade bit, I used to be told to lean in and go in internet marketing. Other tools (I won稚 name names as of this time) stalled out even though the Dewalt just plowed through.
Tool Tests

The testing scenarios were well setup, and seemed to perfectly exemplify the normal situation the tools will be found in. An array of competitors・product offerings were available for comparison purposes, which really helped highlight some of the 12V MAX tools・advantages.
Dewalt 12V MAX Li-Ion Flashlight vs Competing Models

Dewalt 12V MAX Li-Ion Flashlight vs. Competing Models

Despite how awesome it absolutely was to look at and test the tools firsthand, I'm itching to test the new tools within an uncontrolled environment. I would like to slap a hex-shanked spade bit in to the screwdriver. I would like to use the 3/8″ drill/driver they are driving large lag bolts. I want to see how well the 12V impact driver comes even close to a compact 18V one.
A Few More Words In regards to the Event & Disclosure

Overall, I had a lot of fun of your great time. I truly enjoyed the countless interactions the wedding made possible, and I just loved the degree of energy that everyone was just oozing out. [Oh, goodness, I am aware that's just gonna be quoted somewhere.]

Along with various tchotchkes (including some tasty Old Bay seasoning!), Dewalt sent everyone home using a 12V MAX cordless screwdriver plus a Dewalt Magnetic ToughCase with bit kit. Dewalt also covered our meals (the barbecue lunch was quite tasty!), and handled overnight accommodations.

ToolGuyd always discloses this kind of information, however it is always an enjoyment to see companies proactively encourage such transparency. Dewalt also managed to get clear they value our honesty (again, ToolGuyd maintains a strict policy to be as sincere as you can).

There痴 a great deal in regards to the cool product line to write about! As you have seen, I will be extremely optimistic about Dewalt痴 12V MAX tool designs, and cannot wait to find the good deal within my possession for some real-world testing. In certain from the quick hands-on tests I performed, I witnessed some of the 12V MAX tools absolutely shaming a number of other of their competitors・tools.

To those of you at Dewalt that could be reading this, thanks for a really nice show, also it was great speaking with every body! Unfortunately but understandably, there was quite a few unfinished conversations ・one about interesting new motor winding configurations, another about the alarming absense of clock radios in Europe (get it? alarming?!), plus some others. I might love to be in a position to pick all of your brains again down the road!

Return soon for further updates and information on Dewalt痴 12V MAX cordless tool line.

Collective Dewalt 12V MAX Li-ion Cordless Tool Coverage on ToolGuyd

Enjoy the following gallery of a few pics I took from the facility. A few of the pics (#s 2, 3, 4) were taken by Dewalt during the event.
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